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9 March
Woofs ^^
My name is Keenora. I am ~24 years old (when I wrote this) and I am living in a tiny town nearby the dutch border in germany, called Rhede.

So, who is Keenora exactly?
Keenora is a thundra-wolf, created as my character and my personal reflection about 10 years ago. His special looking is based on the fur from Gabumon, a Digimon. His species, the wolf, is a very special animal for me, with a special meaning. Kee himself is very playful! He jumps around, likes to dance, playing with all his friends and tries to be nice all the time :)
He is about 3 years old and usually a non-anthro wolf.

And whats about you Kee?
Well, I am Keenora...well, its difficult to talk about myself in the third form like I did it above. All those characteristics are the my ones. The age fits exactly to my one in dog-years, and so on. I don't want to seperate me and Kee, so, me is Kee :3
So, more about me...well, as I said, I am almost 24 years old. I am working at a Content-Managment-System Company nearby my hometown. I studied as a Bachloer of Informatical Science and I am a professional programmer since a few years. My base-knowledges are CM-Systems, Social Networks, a bit webdesign and such stuff.
My hobbies are simple: Fursuiting, Friends, Programming, Dancing, Beatboxing and much more...

My Fursuit
I've got a fursuit of myself, Keenora. And you can take a look at him here: Here :3

I mostly moved my LiveJournal to Facebook: